It happens to even the best of us due to our ever busy and hectic lives. Everyone needs a day off to unwind and be a slob for a day. It only becomes alarming when we start getting too comfortable in that laziness until we start neglecting our health and wellbeing.

Relatable? No worries, it is not too late to make that crucial U-turn and get yourself off that couch. Here are 6 ways to claw yourself out of that lazy pitfall trap and get yourself back onto the healthy living route.

1. Set manageable goals

The key is to keep your goals small and achievable – baby steps at a time. Setting unrealistic expectations and trying to overachieve may lead to burnout and loss of interest quickly, which will put you back in that state of laziness once again.

It will also help by writing your goals down and pasting it in a visible space, so you could see it every day and remind yourself of the goals you are trying to achieve.

2. Positive self-talk

It is only human to feel demotivated every now and then, and reinforcing them with negative thoughts will do you no good. Motivate yourself with positive affirmations. Tell yourself that you are capable of achieving such a feat and unleash that go-getter attitude that we all have inside of you – so start saying it loud and saying it proud!

3. Avoid distractions

Changing a lifestyle or a habit from scratch can be a mountainous task since we are very susceptible to distractions. Minimise or cut off those distractions without remorse. Do not hesitate to seclude yourself in a more conducive atmosphere and away from distractions. This may include stepping out of your home if you have to avoid playing with your pet for a few minutes.

4. Make it fun

We tend to avoid activities that can be tiresome or remind us of work. So why not make it fun? Try to find the lighter side of your journey towards achieving your goals towards a healthy lifestyle. Play some music and jive along or try to gamify your activities with a fitness tracker or mobile application. Getting into sports that would whip up a sweat would also help.

5. Reward yourself

Goal-driven folks may view achieving their goals as a reward in itself, others may need some external motivation. Pat yourself on the back after a job well done. It could be a tub of ice cream or a night out with your friends – anything that will give you a sense of gratification upon a successful mission accomplished.

6. Ask for help

The chances of success are higher when there is someone to drive you on, what more if they share the same goals as you do. Don’t be shy to ask for assistance from a family or friend in your quest to achieve healthy living.

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