When it comes to skin care goals, the word “glowing” seems to universally rank top of mind. Here are some brilliant beauty tips for face to get that glow you’ve always wanted. To look your best, the natural way, you’ll want to make sure you do these five things.

  1. Use the correct cleanser for your skin type.
  • Light foaming cleansers

-Combination or oily skin, which can be acne-sensitive.

  • Gel cleansers

-Normal, combination or oily skin and skin that is sensitive to redness and acne.

  • Cream and lotion cleansers

-Normal, dry and sensitive skin.

  • Oil-based cleansers

-Suitable for all skin types.

  • Micellar water, water-based cleansers and liquid make-up removers

All skin types. Follow with a traditional facial cleanser to ensure that no leftover makeup stays on your skin.

  1. Don’t Use Too Many Products

If you are using lots of different products, you might be overdoing it. Layering on multiple skincare products all at once can be harsh on the skin, resulting in more breakouts and clogged pores.

  1. Hydrate Inside and Out.

Choosing skincare products that have hydrating formulas. And, of course, drink around eight glasses of water a day.

  1. Avoid Over-Exfoliation

You shouldn’t be exfoliating more than 2 – 3 times a week or you risk overdoing it and damaging the skin’s barrier.

  1. Moisture Both Day and Night

Believe it or not, your skin knows what time it is. Your skin needs protection during the day and repair in the evening. So, it’s always encouraging to apply moisturizer twice a day.


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